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my daughter

ADHD and “Weekly Burnout”

Some days you have just got to accept that you are not going to get things done well- or at all. With ADHD, If we overtax our mental energy one day. The next day will be [...]

I Read My Daugther’s Journal

        So, I was just checking the days history on the browser to check in on my  now teeny-bopper daughter's on-line activity, as she would not get off [...]

ADD Friendly breakfast planning

If you are anything like my ADD daughter and myself, being functional in the morning is at a minimal before the dopamine levels rise in your brain after you wake up, and [...]

Superhero shoppers

  i’m putting this right here, cause it makes me smile. i’ve posted it elsewhere before. but it makes me smile every time I see it. I’m going through pics of the [...]

I’m a Duck among Geese

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck....chances are it's a duck... Right? I had my appointment 2 weeks ago with my ADHD  Dr. I Got a refill for my ADHD medications and [...]

COOL mom points

So yeah.. I’m watching Big Bang Theory with the hubby the other night and sheldon talks about spaghetti with hotdogs in it, and I think “OMFG no, people don’t really do [...]

Love Notes

I let the kids write on the front of the dishwasher with white board dry erase markers. This is the most recent note my 9 yo daughter left me ( i played with it in irfanview, [...]