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Planner & Journal excitement

Picked up my new composition notebook for my planner/journal to start 2016. This cover (top pink one) makes me happy I do a combo of artjournal  doodlejournal smashbook [...]

ADHD and “Weekly Burnout”

Some days you have just got to accept that you are not going to get things done well- or at all. With ADHD, If we overtax our mental energy one day. The next day will be [...]

CAPD Explained

Central Auditory Processing Disorder Auditory processing is what happens when your brain recognizes and interprets the sounds around you. Humans hear when energy that we [...]

Super Tweaked Pomodoro for ADHD

I first heard about a Pomodoro about 4 years ago. I was reading a (non ADHD) website about time management and they suggested it as an effective way to stay on track. The [...]

ADHD Explained

ADHD is the abbreviated term for a neurobiological disorder/condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD is a deficit of the nervous system ( the brain) [...]

Weird Wired Wednesday

As we do. Today I was brain fried. Every noise in the house seemed amplified and I've been doing a major deCRAPify since Saturday, so I knew I needed a mental break. I knew [...]

Letting go of Stuff

These posters were used in a parade we were in in 2009! I hauled them out of the closet under the stairs today. Granted they have only been in the closet since 2011 because I [...]
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