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I have added this library section as a fast and easy resource for you to educate yourself on ADHD and other neurodiversities that can often be "co morbid". ( doctor speak for "there is combined things going on together")

I’ve only listed the books I have read and I HIGHLY recommend
. Many of these are on my own bookshelf or kindle and I refer to them often for my own family, or when helping others when advocating and teaching/coaching.

This is an Amazon affiliate link through. You are not buying the books from ME personally. When you click through to purchase any book from Amazon, I get a small percentage of the sale. You are paying Amazon and dealing with them for follow thru on payment options and shipping and delivery.

When you purchase any of these helpful books I’ve recommended through my site, I will get a small percentage in the form of an amazon gift card. I use that to keep purchasing new books on ADHD, CAPD, SPD and Autism to continue being constantly educated, so I can keep bringing my loyal readers up to date information on the topics.

If you click through and purchase any of these books, thankyou for supporting SuperADDmom.com!


Keep Being Awesome :)

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About SuperADDmom

I'm a Developmental Support Worker
and Daily Living-Ability Growth Coach.

More importantly, I have ADHD and Dyslexia
and I'm a mom of 2 kids like yours.