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Coaching with SuperADDmom


If you are feeling overwhelmed and lost as a mom with ADHD and want to begin a journey to feeling good about yourself again- Let's talk about some coaching, or a few consultation sessions to help get you on the right track.

I am a life coach..but I'm not all woo woo about 5 year life plans and helping people get focused on BIG life goals based around their core top 10 life values. Which is what people usually think of when they hear "Life Coach".

I am a Daily Living-Ability growth Coach.

I meet people at the level they are at, and teach them how to instill daily life habits so they no longer lose the keys to the car- so they have clean socks and shirts for work/school tomorrow, and so they don't forget to pay the electricity bill.

The small stuff, but really... when you think about it... the really really BIG- most important stuff.

See? Daily Living Ability & Growth!

Cause, if you can't find the car keys and don't have a clean shirt for that appointment tomorrow for the amazing job opportunity that will set you for life... does a 10 year life plan really even matter?!


Select from the available dates and times below and make your payment via paypal for a phone coaching session where I call you ( Canada and Continental USA) and we will begin your journey of transforming your ADHD from your kryptonite to your superpower with each 30 minute coaching session.

(When you book your first 30 minute session with me, you get a session free! Making our first session an hour long. And the more coaching sessions you commit to at once, the better the discount you get.)


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About SuperADDmom

I'm a Developmental Support Worker
and Daily Living-Ability Growth Coach.

More importantly, I have ADHD and Dyslexia
and I'm a mom of 2 kids like yours.