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my opinions, my rants and blowing off steam. about any and all topics.

A Note to Moms with ADHD.

Hi fellow ADHD mom. I wanted to share with you this blog post I wrote in 2012. I wrote it in tears, frustrated with myself and my ADHD that day. I wanted to highlight it here [...]


this is what I know to be true. change is hard nobody likes change people are creatures of habit No matter what the change in that you NEED, or WANT to do in your life, you [...]

No Off Switch

  my son is 6, he has Sensory Integration and Central Auditory Processing Disorder. he’s hyper, hes active, he has no off button. I knew this when I as pregnant [...]


Dyslexia...is not just seeing or writing backwards letters. ( in fact I don't do that) i mix up numbers in a price, or phone number....and back talkwards, confuse left and [...]

So tired of the Stigma

The stigma of living with ADHD is pretty negative at times. The negative impact it has on our day to day lives, and the people we live with can get pretty stressful. So [...]
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