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Adhd blunders & frozen eggs

This is my freezer. These are our eggs.  The ones I could not find earlier today. Sometimes when you are on auto pilot while doing things and your brain is going a million [...]


I was in town the other day and a lady and I struck up a conversation about easy cakes. One of the things about being ADHD and a people person, is I often find myself having [...]

Stewy pork roast & baked cauliflower

If I can cook....anybody can Use a timer, stay in the kitchen and cook in one pot as often as possible tonight's Adhd friendly cooking recipe Pork roast with mushrooms, [...]

ADD Friendly breakfast planning

If you are anything like my ADD daughter and myself, being functional in the morning is at a minimal before the dopamine levels rise in your brain after you wake up, and [...]

Planning lessens my anxiety

So planning things is helping me not have so much anxiety. becoming more aware of my high anxiety times is helping me avoid total add/aspie meltdowns. all my life I've been a [...]
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