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Learn to love yourself- ADHD and all.

Understand how ADHD works, and learn to turn ADHD as Kryptonite into Super Power!

This site is for all women, but especially Moms with ADHD & for ALL Mom's of kids with ADHD

Being a SUPER ADD MOM isn't about doing it all, being it all, and doing it well.


Even Super Man sucked at flying when he first realized he was different from everyone else! He had to understand his powers and practice using them before he got good at it! So did Super Girl!

They had to learn what their weaknesses were and how to avoid them! THEN they did what they were good at and became known as super!

Being a Super ADD Mom is about understanding and being OK with the fact that some days the ADHD will be SUPER. Mistakes, burnt dinner, lost car keys and being late will sometimes happen.

But that's OK, because once you hone your coping skills, as you start, some days YOU will be the one who is Super! And... eventually, there will be more days, then MOST days, where you will be the super one! It's about Balance.

Being a Super ADD Mom means understanding that we must decide to NOT rise to our level of incompetence by trying to keep up with societal standards for mothers. It also means we must decide to not compare ourselves to other moms - especially Non ADHD moms who always seem to have it all together.


  • It means that just because we can do certain things well when you look at them on their own, individually- Does not mean we can do them ALL well, when we lump them all together as ongoing tasks in day to day life, repeatedly. It means learning that just because we CAN do it all, doesn't mean we SHOULD do it all!
  • It means learning to do less, well- with more focus.
  • It means defining our own success as a mother, and making it a reachable, attainable success!
  • It means being SUPER at the right selected things, instead of feeling like a failure or mediocre at ALL THE THINGS!



A Super ADD Mom has her own definition of success as a good mom.
A good self care practice for the bad days, and is always filling her coping toolbox with ADHD friendly coping skills and practices that work for her.


When you understand your ADHD and how your brain specifically works, you are more able to design a day to day life that works WITH your ADHD. You will find ways to create more calm in your life/home/day, and effectively turn down the chaos in your life!


Hey! I'm glad you're here!

I'm Ril, AKA SuperADDmom- the ADHD mom behind this blog. A real, losing things, caffeine loving, odd sock wearing ( cause I could never find a pair to match anyway, so I made it my gimmick-like Dolly Parton wears wigs), overly chatty, scatterbrained, day dreamy, ADHD mom.

So, who am I?

Well, I'm 42, married to my husband of 18 years- who calls himself The Mundane One ( TMO for short in my blog posts). I'm a mom of two kids now 12 and 16 who also have ADHD and sensory issues.

I am a developmental disability support service worker, and an ADHD "daily living" Life Coach (now retired). This website and it's contents is an archive of the many years I have blogged and wrote about how ADHD impacts my days as an ADHD mom. There is a lot of educational and helpful info here for you. While I am no longer adding new content, I'm keeping this site live, because the content is helpful to ADHD moms, as It still get a lot of reader activity daily.

I hope you find it helpful!

family portrait... we don't like stuffy portrait pictures. This was while out photographing the Full moon

family portrait... we don't like stuffy portrait pictures. This was while out photographing the Full moon

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About SuperADDmom

I'm a Developmental Support Worker
and Daily Living-Ability Growth Coach.

More importantly, I have ADHD and Dyslexia
and I'm a mom of 2 kids like yours.