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May 9th-lowcarb journal

I have been trying to adjust my sleeping to get in 7 to 8 solid hours.

That is not easy with often how late I go to sleep and how often my husband wakes me through the night with his tossing and up and down for the washroom, and then him starting his day when I'm 5 hours into sleep because he can no longer sleep.

But last night i got a solid 7 hours and today is the first day I woke up with almost no pain in my pelvis/lower back! I hope THAT continues!

Doing a lot of reading in depth on nutrition and how our body utilizes protien etc.

With Mark's Daily Apple site suggestion on a post of a minimum of 0.5g protien per lean body mass I found a calculator on a  body building site to calculate approximately how much lbm I have with my bathroom scales approximate body fat measurement (which i know is not true measure...but that's ok)

So I have adjusted my protein macro to 40 to 60g protien, 20g as lowest to about 50g as highest grams of carbs for variety right now after a month of being in ketosis under 20g. And healthy natural fats thereafter to satiate. (Butter/olive oil/ coconut oil and naturally occouring fats in foods).

Currently at 56 % body fat and being under 5 feet tall I don't have a lot of LBM. More concentration on muscle toning will be my next tweak.

I've decided to do a daily 16hour fasting/8 hour eating window of intermittent fasting. Rather than 2 days a week for 24 hours. This is to allow my gut time to heal from the years of unknowingly eating foods i am allergic to.

But if I am truly not feeling hunger and feeling energized still- I will let my body tell me what it needs and eat to fuel and heal no matter what my If schedule is.

I'm skipping bulletproof coffee as my morning, break the fast, first fuel of the day.

I am going to switch my bp coffee to an afternoon/early evening pick me up. As caffiene and I get along fine  with my adhd brain. The stimulant helps me concentrate for a bit and after my adhd medication has worn off all day- The bp coffee will be a good extention to my day by a few hours and the coconut oil will help keep me satiated through the evening, since I am eating leaner meat cuts due to not being grass fed meats for budget.

I don't even look to food for 4 or 5 hours after a bp coffee so my idea is that will take me to bedtime easily and help my IF routine.

I'm tracking my macros in spark people and do not count calories. I count fat, protein and carb grams.

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