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Screw Resolutions

I hate resolutions. Everyone is so determined for about 5 minutes after the new year's eve hangover subsides...and by the 10th of January we are back to doing the same old stuff we said we were gonna change for good this time


We have good intentions and we genuinely mean it when we make our resolutions... or we feel pressured by media and friends on social media to lose weight, be more grateful, clean our houses to magazine cover perfection and just in general be an all around best human ever. We don't wanna be that person who looks like a slacker- and so to not be the lazy new year grouch, we go along.

And ...let's be honest...deep down we know it will lasts only for about 2 weeks when we do announce our resolutions.

Then on Jan 1Oth (25th if we were feeling extra guilty) we find ourselves sitting in our new workout clothes binge watching season 3 of Friends on Netflix (they WERE on a break!!) and we are eating the rest of the left over holiday snacks and pot of gold we hid away in the back of the high up cupboard on Jan 1st like Joey raiding Monica's fridge.

Well....Screw that!

I don't make resolutions anymore. I haven't for about 5 years. It's too much pressure for most people. But having ADHD...and being the poster girl for being a great starter, and a not so great finisher...why add that guilt and self hate into my life in purpose!?


But, I do love the fresh new year...just as I love a new week and a new month.

The year's end is a great time to look back at what worked and what didn't-what we want to get better at and what we need to change for the better. ( I do this now weekly and monthly on a smaller scale now too)

I have become OK with being a messy imperfect action taker...so long as I'm always moving forward and making overall improvements. No matter how slow I'm going...I'm still making progress.

By accepting the fact that I will make mistakes, and fall off the wagon on creating new habits before I even start...I have found successes.

Resolutions to me just always feel like a set up for failure with the expectation of perfection from the start.

No one ever starts out perfect. We all were beginners at whatever it is we are doing. So, I rather quietly be a shitty starter and a mediocre doer being messy and imperfect as I go along and not make any grand claims until I'm a habitual doer of something that I'm happy with and decent at in my life.

I never thought I could live without bread...but I started...quietly beginning.

I began by cutting out wheat 6 days a week...I'd go for 2 days and then cave and have a cookie. But I eventually got up to going months of a full 6 days running wheat free and then having my cheat day once a week.

I did that until I didn't care to have a cheat day anymore.I didn't decide to not have a cheat day... I just realized one day that it had been months that I didn't eat wheat on purpose on my cheat day.

Now, I have been wheat/gluten free for over 2 years. I lost 30 pound, improved my health and lessened my chronic joint pain and I don't even miss it. (The weight, pain or the wheat!) It is so second nature to me now that sometimes I look at my meals and am shocked at how easy eating is now with my "restrictions".

I was THE LOVER of bread. THE pizza Princess, A Sandwich Sommelier! I never ever thought that I would one day be wheat free and not only be OK with it...but really good with it!

I was THAT bread person "What do you mean!? I don't wanna live in a world where spaghetti sandwiches don't happen, don't even joke about that!"

When I first started out, planning a wheat free meal gave me a mini panic attack.

So...why would one chose to add pressure to starting something so new by declaring it a resolution to the world at the beginning of the year!?

That never worked for me.

But, as I said...I like a fresh start.

So. As always, I'm moving forward into 2016 with plans for many mistakes through imperfect actions towards creating a better intentional exercise habit, healthier housework habits for my time management and better sleep habits.

Oh! and I also decided to throw out some blogger guilt for the new year while I'm at it!

I used to feel bad about being a shitty blogger and not writing enough here. But honestly...sitting in a room by myself pounding out an "article" is soooo not me.

I'm a social creature. I like talking to people. So while I can write a blog length post on my FB page or have a conversation on Instagram...I suck at bloggy type things. And who made the rule up anyway that I NEED to write a blog post a week? Pfft. Screw that too!

So this blog...MY blog, has MY rules...and from now on I'll be " archiving" the topics I talk about on Instagram and FB with others, here for prosperity.

I'll  be sending out a monthly "hey how are ya?...this is the shite I've been up to lately" email with links back to these archives...and that's just okie dokie with me. Bye bye stress and bye bye blogger guilt.

If you wanna talk to me and be part of the conversations...come find me on the socials. I'm SuperADDmom everywhere. Come tell me what messy imperfect actions you're taking up for 2016!

HAPPY Resolution free NEW YEAR!!!

Make doable goals instead...and may your actions be messy, and your progress be fraught with mistakes...and may you pick yourself up...Brush yourself off and go again! And again! And again!


P.S. psst! hey come learn how to keep a todo list/planner/calendar with me on Instagram! The Jan 30day challenge starts on the 1st! Finally master keeping a planner/daily journal/todo list!!! A simple blank lined composition notebook Some pens, a black marker and some coloring pencils for color coding is all you need!
Learn easy bullet journal/planner...or learn to jazz it up like the art journaling that makes my inner child happy.

You've got 2 days to get to a dollar store and get your supplies! Hop over to Instagram, click Follow NOW...and all through January, follow along for step by step guide to creating a simple, effective and FUN daily planner habit! Start on January 1st, 2016 and do the #30days2addingroutine with me!

Permission to be messy,make mistakes and no artistic abilities needed! If you can draw a square, a circle and a line...this is for you!

Don't worry...I'll be archiving it all here if Instagram is not your bag baby...but it's gonna be fun! :)

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