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Week in Review-April 19th, 2015

Happy Happy Happy SPRING!


It's finally here! Most of last week is got up to about 22 Celsius here, and I spent some time everyday cleaning up my yard! It was wonderful!

I have not sent out a newsletter since before Easter weekend, so I hope you all had a nice easter and are not too sorry for all the chocolate you ate! I was a good and did not steal to many of the kids chocolate eggs. :)

I don't have a lot new on the site since the last newsletter because we've been dealing with colds and holidays, and making maple syrup here. Also, because I burned my hand pretty badly with hot butter and it took some time to heal. That's ADHD inattention for ya! Or what I call "Cooking while ADD".

I'm healed pretty well now, and it doesn't hurt to type anymore- So, I'm getting back on track- Thankfully!

While there has not been a lot of new material added, that has not slowed down the traffic to the site! Which excites me! It showed me that I can take the time I needed to heal without feeling like I'm behind on things.

I'm so pleased that my posts are reaching so many people through twitter and pinterest and FB. Your feedback through social media means a lot to me! I'm glad that you are finding it helpful and sharing it! So, thank you for that, and also for subscribing to my newsletter if you are among the new subscribers who've signed up in the last 2 week.

That's why I do what I do here.

I want the mom who is google searching in desperation for answers about her child's ADHD or SPD and learning disabilities to know that someone else has been there and felt the same way they do.

I'm exited when I connect with a newly diagnosed adult who is being flooded with all those ah ha moments and questions. I remember what it was like when I first found out I had ADHD at 30 years old. All those questions and realizations and roller coaster of emotions was a lot to go through all at once. Finding others who understood and didn't try to convince me it was just postpartum depression or stress helped validate my feelings and my careful and accurate diagnosis.

I consider what I offer here on superaddmom.com way of giving back to the universe. To share my own experiences and hopefully make people feel a little bit less alone in the matters of learning to live with ADHD is important to me. Working to help end the stigma in society that comes with ADHD is one of my missions or goals in life.


When my kids were 6 and 2...and I was still trying to figure out my own ADHD, as well as their specific quirks that made our life more stressful, there were many days I felt all alone in the world.

Trying to navigate parenthood with such struggles and having so many questions was very overwhelming. I would often sneak away out to the workshop and have myself a big ole cry over it all.

Whenever I did that (releasing that pent up stress energy) it was helpful. It was like it released all the stress and tension I was holding in, and I was able to gather myself again determined to figure out how to make things better with whatever issue we were struggling with at that time.

I would often come back to the computer after that good cry, determined to find a solution and with a renewed hope that I could find some information that would help. When I found articles that I could relate to personally about ADHD, it really allowed me to find ways to adopt the information into my life and it was worth my time and effort to have read it.

With that, I'd like to make sure that I am speaking to YOU when I chose to write an article.

So, this week I'd love to hear from you.

Send me a message by hitting reply on your email for this newsletter. Long or short, 3 words or 3000...whatever you feel you need to. I want to know how ADHD is in your life, and what areas of living with ADHD are the biggest struggles for you.

You can also find me on Twitter ( my favorite social media place) and also send me direct messages right from my facebook page. So chose your favorite social media and come find me and say hey if an email doesn't suit you:)

I hope you have a great week!

This week I'm working hard in the garden to prep it for planting for this season. I am determined this year to be successful with that. Gardening and ADHD don't always get along well. Keeping things alive that can't yell "Hey I'm hungry! feed me!" often die around here on my watch!

For the last 3 seasons I've managed to drop the ball and let the weeds get out of control, let the plants bolt and seed beyond the edible stage and wasted a lot of beginning effort and money on seedlings that fed the wild rabbits in our village and gave our backyard chickens a tasty tomato buffet rather then have them be something we got to enjoy!

This year I'm aiming not for perfection
, but for progress in my success.

So, we've cut back on the size of the garden and what we are growing, and success will look like me making a plan and weeding/maintenance schedule I can manage and following through with it, with reminders and putting it on my calender and checking it daily- So we can actually get to eat the foods we grow this year!


Can't wait to hear from you.

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