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Week In Review-March 28th, 2015

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It's been a busy week here at SuperADDland.

So busy, I was burnt out by the time Wednesday rolled around!

One of the things about Executive Function Deficits ( Which I reference a lot, because it is the driving force behind ADHD and it's symptoms) is that we have limited EF fuel. Our EF fuel tank is small.

I wrote about that and what had me burnt out by midweek. You can read about it here by clicking on the picture.


This week the weather has FINALLY been above freezing in the daytime! So, we tapped a maple tree at our Grand-Friends House.

Our elderly neighbors have become like grandparents to the kids, and we go visit them often. They are a kind and generous couple who have really connected with us. We even have family holiday meals together. It's been a wonderful 3 year friendship so far. We are lucky to have them in our lives.

They have a maple tree that was tap worthy for sap to make maple syrup. So, this week we have been checking it, emptying the sap and saving it. Tomorrow we will be boiling the sap down outside on a fire.

The kids are excited for it. I'll be sharing that this week on Instagram as we do it, if you are on there and care to follow along. :) ( SuperADDmom there as well)


This Week on the Blog

This week I added the "Step 4-Making a C.A.L.M. Plan with ADDing Routine" page to the site.


I also added a link on the menu above to the "Gear Up Zone" for the ADDing Routine section of the site. That page has all the steps located in one place for easy finding.

I included the "Room Sweep Technique" article to the program as well.

With all 4 steps now laid out, the pdf printables I included as well, and the Room Sweep technique information- The foundation for ADDing Routine into your home and life are all there for you to start gaining control of your home again, just 7 minutes at a time.

On those pages you'll find links to the closed facebook group for anyone who would like to join while they are doing the program.

I'm there to help and cheer you on as well as share my own progress as I get my house back in order too.

So, If you have any questions, please consider joining that as well.


The last thing I'll tell you about this week is the Minecraft Parent Academy I have started.


I play Minecraft with my kids about three times a week.

In the last few months I have heard so many parents on FB groups and twitter talking about how crazy Minecraft makes them because their ADHD kids have meltdowns when it is time to get off the computer, and they worry that it is too addicting.

( It's fun and so- addictive in a good way.... it does them more good to play it!)

I decided that perhaps learning about Minecraft from a fellow parent who actually plays the game might help lower some of those concerns.

I will be offering ideas and tips on how to minimize the meltdowns. Answer the question ( with science & psychologist info as back up) on how much Minecraft is too much Minecraft and taking any other questions you have to build an information section on Minecraft & ADHD kids on the site.


(this is really exciting news! The kids and I are SOO STOLKED about this!)

I am developing a program for ADHD kids specifically IN Minecraft!


I'm currently working on building and setting up an exclusive minecraft world/server for ADHD kids.

We are making all the necessary arrangements to get it established and get the actual spaces in the world built, and I hope to get it up and running in the next 2 months!

The world will be run by myself, my techie husband and my 14 year old ADHD daughter.

Our world will have an economy for members/players to be able to mine in "the wild" outside of the town and sell their coal and stone etc to the market for in game money.

With in game money they will be able to buy an apartment, or buy land in the town and build a home on it or purchase farm land in the country. Build a farm and learn to run a business in the game.

We are planning weekend events on the server to build executive functions like working memory, planning, organizing and team work...and so much more.

I'm also running my program by a psychologist who works specifically with ADHD kids to make sure it is the best it can be!

These are all ways we have used Minecraft in the last 2 years with our kids and we have seen dramatic improvements in their ability to do all these things. It's play that is "therapy" and skill building.

So if you are a Minecraft Parent...come join me on the Academy forum and keep up with the information about the server as it becomes available.

If you would be interested in having your child (and even YOU) be a member of the server and play with purpose with us, Join the forum! ( click on the picture below


With that I'm off to go play a bit of minecraft with my husband and daughter :)

have a GREAT week!


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