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Week In Review-March 22nd, 2015

Best Laid Plans...and all that!

It would seem that when the Planner me picked Friday to write a weekly newsletter, she did not talk to the Doing me to see if Friday was a good day for that task!

It really annoys me when she does that! If she had thought about it more, she would have realized that by Friday I am mentally worn out and sitting to write a weekly newsletter is just not good planning on her part!

With ADHD, you have to plan and break things down to get them done.

To do this, I have modes I go into.

I have the Planner mode, where I try to think smart about what I need to get done weekly, break it down into manageable steps and write it all down on Sunday. By doing this I do not have to think too much through the week. I just need to look at my plan I made, trust myself when I planned it, and do it.

The trouble comes when Planner me and Doing me don't sit down together and really work out the best solutions.

So Planner me and Doing me sat down today and had a chat


It went kind of like this:

    Planner: So, you have not gotten the newsletter out for 2 weeks now on the Friday like I have scheduled it! What's up with that!?
    Doing Me: Well...I know you had good intentions with that plan-But,it is just not working for me, can we move it to another day?
    Planner: Why is it not working for you? What are the obstacles in the way to your success with this?
    Doing me: Well...last week you planned a dentist appointment in the city on Tuesday and a doctor appointment for both you and TMO 2 days later!

    With the two other trips out of the house last week that took all afternoon, and with a lot of things to remember and do in those trips, and me working so hard at making sure I was successful with those- By the time Friday came around, I was just too mentally tired to be able to get to the newsletter! Have you seen the kitchen!? I'm even behind on the dishes.

    Driving to the city tires me out mentally, you know that! When you add in the housework all week, updating the ADDing Routine section of the website, and not a single burnt dinner this week! ( yay!) It is just TOO much for me to do.

    Planner: Ok...You are right, that was a lot! Congrats BTW on the no burnt dinners! See how my planning ahead helped that out!? The dishes will get sorted out tomorrow...So...well...Ok...is there any day of the week where it would be better for you to do the newsletter? We really want your readers to hear from you. You did some great stuff in the last 2 weeks!
    Doing me: I know! I'm upset with us for not getting it out on time! I hope they'll forgive my ADHD tardiness.

    I've been thinking Sunday would be a better day. I have had downtime on Saturday from the week, and on Sunday I do laundry and change the sheets. I do only those things because you need time to plan the week on Sunday and we can't do those at the same time. We are sharing a body ya know! I already have my laptop out on Sunday evenings, so I think that would be a better time. Don't you?

    Planner: Ok! That sounds like it could work better for sure! Is there any other obstacles to getting the newsletter done while we are looking at this?
    Doing me: Well, now that I think about it...I kind of hate the newsletter interface we are stuck with cause it is free. You have to go through so many steps to get it laid out right, and that font thing is bugging me with how it sends through email on the mobile gmail app.
    Planner: Hmmm...you have a point, that is wasting a lot of time. You do mention being overwhelmed at even starting the newsletter because of the way you have to save it all the time to check the layout. It would be so much easier if you could write the newsletter like you write the blog posts and articles...HEY!!!! That is the solution!
    Doing me: You are RIGHT! What if I write a "week in review" post, make a category for it on the site, and then just link to that post in the newsletter when I send it out to everyone!
    Planner: That sounds like a plan!
    Doing me: Cool! I'm gonna do that RIGHT NOW!

And that brings us to right now...with me here writing this.

I'll stop talking like I have a multiple personality disorder now, so y'all don't think I'm losing it. It was for comical effect and to show you how my planner mode and doer mode differ, but have to work together to make things flow better to compensate for my ADHD. :)

So...with that-This is how I'll be doing the newsletter from now on. :) It saves me time and energy, and I'll be able to get it out to easier on Sunday's from now on.


I hope you had a good week and got to relax a bit this weekend?

I had a busy week as you saw above in my little chat session between Planner and Doing Me.

To relax after that busy week, Friday night I went out to Karaoke with a friend. It was the first time I've been to Karaoke in 14 years!

Back in the BC days ( before children) I was a Karaoke Hostess and Lounge Singer for 5 years in my early 20's. It was one of the most favorite jobs I've ever had. It was SO ADHD friendly, and I didn't even know then I had ADHD!

I worked from 7 pm to 3 am and slept until 3 pm everyday! I got to sing for money, and be admired by the karaoke patrons, and I got meals and drinks for free! What's not to love about that!?

I forgot how fun karaoke was! It's been a long time since I have able to get dressed up (dressing up is now jeans rather than yoga pants I wear all week!lol) and go out for a night. But now that my daughter is 14 and can babysit, I think we'll be doing it more often!


What's New on the Site

This week on the site I finished making the whole new ADDing Routine Section and updating the steps. Click on the post it to check out the new section and updated info.


If you have already read about The ADDing Routine- I made a Gear Up Zone Page with all the steps linked from the one page. I'll be adding to that Gear up Zone on an ongoing basis. This week coming, I'll be adding Step 4, Making your Planner Zone and Gear Up Zone in your own home.

Articles & Posts


I wrote about a new study that came out about Flouride and an ADHD link the study is claiming. You can read that here

and I live tweeted an ADHD household meltdown and then blogged about it. You can read that here

Also. My article on the Super Tweaked Pomodoro for ADHD is getting a lot of shares on Twitter and Pinterest. People have been trying it and having success with it :) If you have not read that yet you can do that here

That's a lot of stuff to click over on, so I'll leave you to it! I gotta go switch the laundry over and plan my week!

Have a good week!



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