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Weird Wired Wednesday


As we do.

Today I was brain fried. Every noise in the house seemed amplified and I've been doing a major deCRAPify since Saturday, so I knew I needed a mental break.

I knew it did when I walked in that room and could not find where to start today without feeling massively overwhelmed.
So, I decided to just leave it for today.

To stay somewhat productive I listened to some productivity and ADHD podcasts while doing dishes and making food for the crew, and stayed out of the room I've been deCRAPifying,  so it wouldn't be get any worse.

I let myself get distracted by shiny things today, (fb, pinterest and twitter) and did some maintanence on the website and I am writing Step 4 of the ADDing Routine program.

That is coming soon..I promise (I just need to access some old files on an older computer before I publish it)

Tomorrow I'll be back on track with deCRAPifying the dining area (which we call the "Eatery") and I won't be too far behind my own goals to make our home more fucntional again.

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Keep being Awesome :)

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