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Minecraft Cupcakes

Today my son turned 10. He's a little crazy about minecraft, and since we were supposed to be on the road today going to a science center for his birthday we decided to make cupcakes rather than a cake. We ended up being snowed in and had to postpone our trip... So rather than decorate them myself, we turned it into a fun activity.

I set up a tray and we all made them together as a fun way to celebrate his birthday. This was the EASIEST cool mom points ever!!


Make a cake in a 9 by 13 pan and don't ice it. Instead flip it out of the pan when its cool and cut it up into cubes to make minecraft blocks-a decent one person bitesize cake block.

Place on paper muffin cups liners. Cut up many colors of gummiebears for the ores in the blocks. We used yellow for gold ore red for redstone ore, dark green for emeralds, light green/blue for diamonds,  and dark blue for Lapis.

Then with butter knives I let the kids ice the blockcakes with grey icing (white decorator icing with a dab of black food color to make it grey)

Then they added the colored gummie bits for stones and voila!

Minecraft cupcakes!

It was a BIG hit! And super super easy!

If you share please give credit. And, if you make them with your kids. I'd love to see pics :)

Have fun!!

This would be a great party activity for many kids at a minecraft theme party :)

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