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February 2015

Executive Functioning & ADHD

When I first heard the term Executive Functioning I thought "What is THAT? Of course ADHD people have bad executive functioning, I can't even find a matching pair of socks, [...]

ADHD Explained

ADHD is the abbreviated term for a neurobiological disorder/condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD is a deficit of the nervous system ( the brain) [...]

Why SuperADDmom loves Pink

I used to HATE the color pink! like TOTALLY despise it! but if you notice. My cape and my logo for SuperADDmom is pink! What happened? I dunno....it slowly started to shift. [...]

Weird Wired Wednesday

As we do. Today I was brain fried. Every noise in the house seemed amplified and I've been doing a major deCRAPify since Saturday, so I knew I needed a mental break. I knew [...]

Minecraft Cupcakes

Today my son turned 10. He's a little crazy about minecraft, and since we were supposed to be on the road today going to a science center for his birthday we decided to make [...]