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Exterminate Boredom when Shopping


Shopping for a new hamper and toilet brush at walmart doesn't need to be boring.

A side effect of adhd? Being silly and creative?

Regardless....it was fun. I love the looks other give me. From the huge smiles and giggles to the outright serious annoyed glances for my "poor social behaviour"

It's your ADHD. Own it! :)

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2 Comments on Exterminate Boredom when Shopping

  1. This. Is. Genius.

    Go, Momma, for keeping it real and fun for everyone!! I get glances all the time because I let my 7 year old Seeker wear and use his Heelys in the store. Hey, I’d much rather deal with the possibility of him running into something or someone than the meltdowns that are almost inevitable without some kind of input! I really want to get a big “the end is near” type sign that says “Trust me; you WANT him to wear these shoes!”

    • Hey Ashley, thanks :) I’ll let you in on a secret. the kids were not on that shopping trip with us.lol Just me and my hubby. :)

      but I’m just as silly when they are. I even let them dress up as superheros when they go shopping with us.Makes all the other kids ask their moms. “Why don’t YOU let Me DO THAT!?” as they drag them away from us.lol

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