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Why You Should Put Away Stuff When You are Done With it

Today my son wanted waffels. I always put the syrup on for him because being a sensory child, he tends to be clumsy and usually requires a shower after eating anything with any condiment. So, I laid the waffels on the plate and covered all three in syrup. I placed the syrup on the counter. Then, when he said he likes syrup on both sides of the waffel-

I flipped them over and let the syrup pour over each other,  but the top on had no syrup.

Without looking I grabbed the syrup and started putting some on the last waffel.

Only, it wasn't syrup!


It was ketchup!!!!!

My adhd reflexes didn't notice it was until I squeezed out this much! Lol

How does he respond....after we laughed at my blooper and quickly snapped a picture.

"Its ok. I like ketchup too! "

This was definitely a case for "put away your stuff when your done making lunch, cause mom doesn't notice what she's grabbing"

Also. A lesson in why its important to be able to laugh at your adhd blunders. They happen everyday around here. If we didn't laugh at the silliness of it all, we'd be miserable.

I hope I've made you smile with admitting my silly inattentive slipup today.

Share with me some of your recent or memorable adhd blunders in the comments below. Or on twitter at @superaddmom

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