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Letting go of Stuff

These posters were used in a parade we were in in 2009! I hauled them out of the closet under the stairs today. image Granted they have only been in the closet since 2011 because I used to have them displayed in our front windows for the summer tourists to see. I got many positive comments on them. But, they have been in the closet for almost 4 years now since I replaced them with a real chalkboard I could switch up the quotes on. I dug out the closet today to

lay under padding and carpet down to cut back on the drafts seeping in during the rest of our cold winter.  A more proper job of insulation and sub floor will be required later this year in the spring or summer but since I was emptying the closet to lay carpet it was a good time to deCRAPify that closet. (ADD CRAP stands for the Can't Really Achieve Peace clutter we keep)

I had an actual moment of trying to figure out what to do with them because my clutterbrain didn't want to just get rid of them.

Such is the mind of an ADDer. "Hmmmm I might use these again" or  we think we can't get rid of it because it serves as a prompt for a good memory. OR....we get overwhelmed at the steps getting rid of something will take when it is just easier to stuff it back in the closet and forget about it again.

That can make for a very cluttered house hanging onto everything for fear of getting rid of stuff.

So, I had to really think logically about it. They are not creating good memories in the closet. They were dusty and smelled like old cardboard. I have pictures of us in the parade with the signs, too. So, really? Do I need these dusty cardboard signs anymore?

Nope! I don't.

So, I used them to restart the fire in the woodstove that i let die out while i was deep in the closet laying carpet. Gone!

And I'm good with that. :)

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