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As for many with ADHD, it is not the only  neurobiological issue I deal with. I am dyslexic. If you saw some of my posts pre spell and grammar check...I'm not sure they'd be readable. The thing is....reading and writing is not my biggest issues when it comes to dyslexia. Some people think of dyslexia as a learning issue that only involves reading. But dyslexia can make a number of daily living tasks difficult.

Here’s an overview of skills and behaviors dyslexia can affect. (I am affected by most of these)

General Skill: Language.

Dyslexia can make it difficult for people to:

    •Understand and follow directions
    •Repeat something that was just said in proper sequence
    •Name people and objects
    •Find the right words, such as saying “dinosaurs are distinct” instead of “dinosaurs are extinct”
    •Pronounce words properly, such as saying “mawn lower” instead of “lawn mower”
    •Distinguish between words that sound similar
    •Learn and correctly use new words (which can lead to guessing)
    •Use proper grammar
    •Rhyme words
    •Stay on topic
    •Understand jokes, puns, sarcasm or idioms
    •Speak with confidence and without overusing “filler words” (like “um” and “like”)

General Skill: ReadingDyslexia can make it difficult for people to:

    “Sound out” and pronounce words while reading
    Read smoothly, without skipping words, reversing word order and/or losing place&
    Get and stay interested in stories and books
    Understand written material
    Understand word problems in math

General Skill: WritingDyslexia can make it difficult for people to:

    Master the rules of spelling and grammar
    Write letters, numbers and symbols in the correct order
    Proofread written work
    Express ideas in an organized way
    Organize and complete written assignments
    Listen and take notes

Social-Emotional SkillsDyslexia can make it difficult for people to:

    Interpret body language and nonverbal cues
    Make and keep friends
    Deal with peer pressure and embarrassment and express feelings appropriately
    “Fit in” with peers/coworkers
    Maintain healthy self-esteem—dyslexia might also cause anxiety or depressed mood

Other Skills Affected. People with dyslexia could also have difficulty with:

    Navigation and sense of direction—and may worry about getting lost
    Spatial concepts like telling left from right
    Learning and remembering words, phrases, names and directions—they may rely too heavily on memorization
    Filtering out background noise
    Telling time and sticking to a schedule

My dyslexia comes into play with almost everything I do. When I cook, when I drive,  when I shop, when I clean the house,  when I meet people and can't remember their name or recognize them outside the context I met them in.

It affects me in everything I do, everyday. Its not just about reading books in school and remembering to double check that I spelled it their and not thier.

Dyslexia makes me feel stupid and embarassed with this world of online text communication.

People look past what I have to say because of how it is delivered in written form. Perhaps that is why ibhave not written much here lately.

My peers in the ADHD advocacy world are getting articles published and book deals....yet I sit here stumbling over blog stuff...and everyday thing taking me 3 times as long to accomplish...because of dyslexia.

Perhaps it is time I put down the cape.

Tired...and just......so sick of the uphill battle.


Source of dyslexia info is from The National Learning Disabilities Center.

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