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I had a dream

I don’t normally share dreams but this one was so…..real, i just have to. I woke up  with butterflies in my stomach. A celebrity- An actor whom I admire deeply…(and whos personality and attributes I equate to that of my husband ) and I were dating…

Like... I just knew we were and had been for quite sometime…and we were standing somewhere across a counter from each other. I think it was a card store.

He was scribing something with a pen in a small card.

He hid it from me as I was asking him what he was doing.

He smiled and said *nothing*.

He sealed it with another card in an envelope and looked at me with a glint of mischief in his eyes and hand me the envelope.

I assumed it was going to be something silly…because that is his thing….He’s a kid at heart.

I opened the envelope and picked the card on the left.

I recognized the card as my own artwork…so I knew he was just being silly…(but also I felt so confident and happy that MY cards, MY art...was in a store mass produced and for sale)

I opened the card and it read

"You are my world. I love you Ril"

In my dream I knew it was the first time he’d declared this to me though I felt this way about him. And, though it had been a longish relationship…he had never told me this before now, and I had not told him either.

I dropped the card on the counter in delighted shock and relief that he actually felt the same and said breathlessly,  “oh my god I love YOU “

I leaned over the counter that was between us and took his face in my hands and I looked into his eyes and kissed him deeply while he kissed back and giggled at my response in delight. He wrapped his strong arms around my tiny waist ( hey if I cannot be perfect in a dream, then screw life!) and then pulled me up into his arms and lifted me over the counter and smiled at me, in his arms, with his eyes sparkling with true happiness.


I didn’t even read the other card left there on the counter. It didn’t matter…but he said in my ear as we hugged…”forever”...and I knew that was what the other one said.

It made me giggle in my sleep and gave me butterflies and I woke up with tears of happiness in my eyes.

In reality, awake now...I sighed… a happy sigh, and snuggled into my husband more and went back to sleep. Happy.

Who was the celebrity? It’s not important. 

It was about my husband anyway and recent talks we’ve had about my dealing with nurturing my inner child and growing her up more nurtured than she was when I was a kid...and about me acknowledging how lucky I am to be loved by  someone who accepts me at my worst and adores me no matter what... adhd and all.

It was the most vivid dream I’ve had in a long long time.

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