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Tweezers, library cards and Burnt Lunch

Today on twitter a fellow ADDer messaged and told me about finding her lost library card that had been missing for quite some time.

It was right where every ADDer puts it.In that safe place so we won't lose it. The one we promptly forget as soon as we put it there.

This was funny to me because just this week, I too, found my missing library card. It was right where * I * put it. In that safe place. For 5 years!  It was on the fridge, magneted to it in one of those postit note and pen holders.

Life's Laws

You've heard if Murphys law right?

Well, ADDer's law says...If you've lost something you put away safely....go out and get a replacement and you'll be sure to find the original within  24 to 48 hours.

By this rule I have found my first pair, the replacement pair and the third and 4th pair of tweezers everytime I've gone out and bought a replacement pair.

I now have a pair I keep in the car,  one in my purse, one on my bedside and one in the bathroom. Yet, I can still manage to not have a pair near by when I find a stray perimenopause black chin hair to pluck out!

ADD can so very often leave us feeling defeated, teary eyed and like we should just give up trying for how often we fumble. But, being able to laugh at our foibles and share our common ADD blunders really helps us get through .

I love my twitter ADD tribe. They get me.I get them. I love when I get random messages telling me about similar silly struggles through the day. Its nice to know I am not alone.

I know don't have to even explain how, when I tell them about how I burned the grilled cheese for lunch on Sunday while watching a season 6 episode of Grey's Anatomy on my phone. They just understand.


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