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The Book Every Parent, Teacher, and Doctor NEEDS to read about ADHD.

A New Understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) from Thomas E. Brown


Although ADD/ADHD has been recognized for over 100 years, it has usually been seen as essentially a behavior problem. Yet many people ( adults and children) with ADD/ADHD suffer not from behavior problems so much as from chronic problems with focusing their attention, organizing their work, sustaining their effort, and utilizing short-term memory. Otherwise known as Executive functioning.

It’s time for a new understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder and this book is it!

This book starts off with 35 common myths about ADHD and clears them up right off the bat. Then it goes on to explain the latest research, explains the causes of ADHD and breaks down each area of executive functioning that a person with ADHD struggles with.

This book offers a new perspective on ADHD. One based on current clinical and neuroscience research. It presents a new definition and model of ADD/ADHD as essentially a problem with executive functions, the management system of the brain.

It describes how a child or adult with ADD/ADHD can focus very well on a few activities that intensely interest them, yet be unable to focus adequately on most other tasks of daily life. It explains how ADD/ADHD often looks like a weakness in willpower, but isn’t.

It explains how the brain works in ADHD people, and how medications for ADHD works in the brain and how they help a person with ADHD.

This section was interesting for me as a person with ADHD, first off, because it gave me a new found relief from feeling like I somehow should be able to outsmart my brain functioning. It is something i understood on a level, but after a lifetime of being blamed for my deficits, and being told to "pick myself up by the bootstraps and try harder" there was still a part of me that holds me responsible and kicks myself in the self esteem for it. As a person who likes concrete evidence of things and full scientific explanations behind how things work, this book gave me a deeper understanding of my own ADHD.

Since i've read it, it has allowed me to first of all, pinpoint my weakest executive functions on a logical level, without being defensive, and secondly, allowed me the self permission to more readily utilize coping techniques to help me compensate in my weak areas, rather then be stubborn and fight against the aids because I felt I should be intelligent enough to overcome the executive functions deficits I have with my ADHD.

Thinking you can overcome an executive function deficit with diligence and willpower is like thinking you can change your eyesight with sheer want and wishes, because you do not want to need glasses.

Acceptance of your deficit through understanding that you did not cause it and have no conscious control over it allows you to accept the fact that you need to utilize aids to help you function better.
Study shows that children with ADHD have executive functions skills about 3 to 5 years younger then their peers. A child of 13 may only be able to function at the level of a child age 8 to 10 years old.

As a parent, it reminded me to look at my 13 yo and her ADHD and assess  where she IS with her executive functioning, rather than compare her to where other 13 year olds are. I am a pretty understanding parent about ADHD,  But we all can fall victim to comparing our kids to others. especially when we lose our patience and stamina inside for dealing with the struggles that ADHD people go through. This book was a good reminder to let go of some unrealistic expectations for her level of ability just because she is a certain age.

It is allowing me to more openly assess her level of functioning, gear things to better suit her and where her abilities are, rather than be upset that she is still struggling with seemingly simple things that HER executive functioning deficits cause her to still struggle with.




Though the writing in each section to explain each point more in depth can be a bit scientific, don't let that scare you. Some people might struggle to understand the science behind the findings without looking up more basic info on brain neuroscience. But, each point is first explained straight forward, and then is backed up by the research and science, making this book a MUST read for EVERY person with ADHD, every parent with an ADHD child, every Teacher with an ADHD child in a classroom, and every doctor, nurse and social worker who deals with ADHD patients..

I would say that this book should be mandatory for in medical school/nursing school and needs to be read by, and on the reference shelf for every current psychiatrist, psychologist, and mental health professional, and ADHD Coach.

I would go as far to suggest that anyone with ADHD should ask their doctor if they have read it, and if they have not, to suggest that they do, and weight carefully the current validity any advice and treatment options they offer has until they have read it.

Once you read this book, you will understand what I mean.

If you have a doctor saying medication breaks, behaviour modification and better parenting or dieting changes will fix your child's ADHD, or that you as an adult with ADHD need to have better self control.... or worse, are being told you are NOT ADHD, BECAUSE you are an adult; then you are not dealing with a doctor with the latest scientific evidence and understanding about ADHD and Executive Functioning. And, therefore, they are not the best advocate or medical care you could acquire for ADHD, because this book will leave anyone who reads it with a very clear and precise understanding of ADHD for a solid foundation for which to base a proper and good treatment for ADHD on.

Any professional who makes claims, like I mentioned above about ADHD, clearly has not read this book.

Until you buy the book, you can go to Dr Brown's website and read the first 18 pages of the book there.  http://www.drthomasebrown.com/



I received a book free, in exchange for a review. Though I did not pay for this book, and I offer my review publicly as compensation for the book. My review is 100% my honest true opinion. I make no money or benefit in any way personally by telling you to buy this book.

I truly think this is a very important educational tool every person dealing with ADHD NEEDS to own to have for long term reference.





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