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Sunday #ADDroutine September 22nd Chat-Calendars and Remembering Your Meds

  •  Join me at 8 pm for an #adhd mom chat (10 minutes from now!) tag is #ADDroutine. Adhd mom and moms of adhd. Rt
  • I didnt realize the emmys are on. And now I think I'm going to be chatting alone tonight. #addroutine
  • So. I'll just ramble on and give my tips and talk on remembering your adhd meds and calender keeping #addroutine #chat
  • So feel free to pop into this convo at any point...replies are welcome. Im going to share my tips for the next hour #addroutine
  • Being #adhd like most I have struggled with routine. Ive had to work hard for over 4 years to instill a calender habit #addroutine
  • I have a dry erase calender on our fridge for 6 weeks...the kids enjoy helping fill it in #addroutine
  • I fill in appointments. Pay days amd anything important as it comes along. Having it on the fridge helps to see it everyday #addroutine
  • The kids like to add birthdays. Family fun night and any holidays to our calendar. It makes it fun to keep. #addroutine
  • And can help establish the routine of keeping a calender as well. #addroutine
  • A calender is a spot in the house everyone can see is a good thing for all families but essential for an adhd family #addroutine
  • ?@MungoBah Wrote- @SuperADDMom Google Calendar with some shared calendars work well for me... #adhd #addroutine
  • @MungoBah im glad you mentioned that. I was just about to.:) My husband .and I keep a synced google calendar with each other #addroutine
  • In fact I have two google calendars on my cell phone so I get my daily routine reminders as well as family event calendar #addroutine
  •   My cell phone has become a very large part of my coping skills for my downsides of adhd. Which are mostly time management #addroutine
  • Your calendar on your fridge and your phone with reminders can really make a big difference for lowering chaos in an adhd home #addroutine
  • The other thing I wanted to talk about tingith in this #addroutine chat is hiw we remember to take our medication for #adhd
  • Someone last week mentioned that sometines they cant remember ifbthey did take it already. #addroutine
  • That doesnt always help you to remember to actually take the pills...im guilty of that.so I string my habits #addroutine
  • I keep my pill box on the microwave now. And take my morning pills while im making my tea and the kids breakfast #addroutine
  • I have found that too.But now every sunday I lay out my daily pills for the week in a daily pill box #addroutine




  • I mark on my fridge calendar when I need to go to the pharmacy to get my refills and when I need to call to make an appt w/my dr #addroutine
  • A pill box to lay out your meds can be found at most dollar stores for just a dollar.#addroutine
  • Also...talk to your pharmacist. Most pharmacies will dispense meds in daily bubble packs or bloster packs so you can keep track #addroutie
  • Many offer this for no extra cost to your dispensing fee & will also take your vitamins you buy & add them to your blisterpack #addroutine
  • These are 2 routines that ppl with adhd can start to implament to help make adhd less of a burden on them. Calendar&med reminder #addroutine
  • A paper calendar. ..even a small one on your fridge can be cheap and easy to fill out.to start your new habit #addroutine
  • I'll be uploading a free calendar template on my website this week. You can print it and use it to start your routine. #addroutine
  • I will also be uploading a chat transcript to my website for people who missed it. #addroutine
  • I have a chat subject planned for every sunday at 8 pm est for the next 9 weeks. So mark your new calendar #addroutine
  • Also. Go to http://Www.superaddmom.com  to sign up for my blog. I post an article once a week and it goes right to your email inbox #addroutine
  • I post what the next weeks chat subject will be on the front page of the website as well. #addroutine
  • Next week we'll be talking about exercise and how it helps an #adhd brain. 8 pm est next Sunday. #addroutine
  • Since this was mostly me talking this week. I'm going to end it 10 minutes early since there is no q & a session #addroutine
  • See you next week for the #addroutine chat. If you missed it live this week..check out my website for the transcript tomorrow.
  • Off to go look over my calendar and plan my week. Have a good night! ~Ril #addroutine
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