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Mama Robin Redbreast


I was out hanging clothes on the line just now and noticed the mama robin sitting in her nest in the kids playhouse. I tried to get a pic of her but with my camera on the phone I could not get close enough, so she flew away to get me to follow her and leave her baby eggs alone as i tried to get closer.

I snapped this of her only 5 feet from me in the tree above. The other day she had two eggs, now there are 4.

I wish i has a webcam i could hook up, but i don't ...so i'll endeavour to keep tabs on her and her babies and post updates. It might be fun for little kids to see them hatched and grow.


I won't get too close...but i managed to snap this pic too. I know from robins in our workshop awning a few years ago that once the babies areborn she won't just sit in a tree to distract me by chirping angrily at me...she would divebomb my head to stop me from getting to close.

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