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Sudden Fear of Lego



Recently it seems like my sensory boy has been going through a major growth spurt, not only are all his pants too short, but it seems as if his central nervous system is waking up to him, and he is feeling things he has never felt before.

As a hypo sensitive SPD child he is now complaining about twitches and twinges, small itches all over his body, a scratch in his throat, a sharp pain in his toe etc.

Along with these has come an increase in his need to vocalize, hum, sing with worse lack of volume control, and a constant need to chew on things.

Possibly the most annoying and messy new behaviour is  constantly playing with spit where he holds it all in his mouth and then tries to find a place to spit it out refusing to swallow his saliva.

Last week he laid on our bed to watch Dr Who with us, and after I put him to bed and changed into my nightgown that had been laying at the foot of our bed, I discovered that he had used my nightgown to essentially suck on it, and use it as a spit rag while he was laying there. I knew the second I felt the cold wetness on my back what had happened, and had my answer to why he was so well behaved during the show.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The burping

Oh the Burping!

The swallowing of  air to burp ALL DAY. So much so, that he gets pains in his tummy when it won't come back up.

How annoying is the building up large amounts of air in his stomach and a later MASSIVE burp, that would even surpass the impressive burping of the entire alphabet I did to win the title of 1987 Camp Burping Champ back in the day!?

I admit that even though the burping he does bugs me, a part of me is somewhat proud of his abilities 😉

Anyway..... I have been dealing with these things as best we can through trail and error/success. reading a lot and nightly discussions with hubby about ways to improve it,  and The Mundane One ( who is really not mundane at all, but calls himself that) even came up with an  ingenious way to give him straws he likes to chew on.

It does seem to be helping, but.......


But, I am worried most about  his suddenly developed new fear of his lego. This child LOVES his lego, and even has in a shoebox, his next designed robot for the fall fair he plans to enter in September! So, you can see why this concerns me.

I've asked him about it and he is in tears when he tries to talk about it and just hides his head in my chest. I guessed he feels he will mindlessly swallow his lego while playing because of how much he is putting stuff in his mouth. A nod, when I asked that, was all I could get from him.

He has now decided to not go into his room or the living room where his lego happens to be currently. He has moved into his sister's room on her trundle bed, and sleeps there. He will only go to the bathroom, the kitchen and our bedroom in the house. Either I or his sister has to get his clothes for him out of his dresser in his room, and when I have tried to talk to him about it, he can't explain why he feels so scared this way, to the point of changing his behaviour. He doesn't want to be near lego alone. JUST lego.


He says he has not swallowed any before. But he keeps asking me  what would happen if he accidentally swallowed _________, while holding things up to me. (pick a small random non edible thing he asks me about 20 times a day...plastic bread clips, watch battery, twig, pencil eraser, tinfoil ball from a foil easter egg)

I am worried he has swallowed a lego piece, and he is afraid to tell me, but I am more worried about the fact that he has a real genuine new phobia, that brings him to tears if he thinks he has to go in his room alone. I'm glad he recognises this concern, and i am happy that he will bring me things and tell me to keep it from him, but his obsession over this is really worrying me.

Of course, the natural solution for now is that we are picking up all the lego, and keeping them in our room so he has to ask to play with them at the kitchen table, while he is chewing on his straws. as he sees he can play with them and not eat them, I am hoping he will not have this new fear set in his hard wiring. Which is a compromise over  him wanting me to just give them all away to his best friend.

I wonder if this is a natural phase that will go away when he stops seeking so much oral mouth sensory input, or is he developing a true real phobia/ocd/anxiety issue that will never go away.

I wonder if other SPD parents have come across this type of thing.




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