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I’m made of 100% awesome extract

so, i was just checking the days history on the browser to check in on my  now teeny-bopper daughter’s on-line activity, as she would not get off the computer at cut off time and flipped the fuck out and would not stop whatever she was doing, so after I grounded her tomorrow from the computer and yelled at her o go to bed I went to check like a good mom and see what the hell had her attention so much.

(FML! a teenager! I own the  temper tantrum 2.0 version of human child now with the newly added hormones installation!!!)

and so i check the history and I go over on her DA account  and read her public journal and she said this in a “10 things about me” post

"3. i complain to my mom that i’m hungry,then about 5 minutes later when whatever she told me to make is done,i ignore it until i’m done whatever it was that i was doing is finished (about 20 to 30 minutes later,depending on what i was doing).
and seriously,my mom feeds me very well every single day,really. i sadly can’t say the same for myself,though. but in all seriousness,don’t call the cops. my mom is made of 100% pure awesome extract.”

yeah, that’s cool shit right there, my teenage daughter thinks I’m 100% awesome extract.. and I’m purer than just plain old awesome, cause I’m condensed ,much more stronger awesome, as an extract. So, you gotta water me down to be able to handle this cool drink of awesome……

anyway.. that was cool.. and she’s still grounded tomorrow from the computer for missing shut off time and having a shit fit.

 I get to do that cause I’m the mom, and also 100 % awesome extract

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