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Happy Easter-ADD Creativity and Deadlines


here is the kids at the village Easter parade this morning. Sensoryboy is a peep. My now teenage aspiegirl is too cool for a full costume, but i love that she still wore a pretty pink sweater and bunny ears and still enjoys gathering the eggs. notice her cellphone in her hand...she is now getting into vloging inspired by the vlog brothers John and hank Green

This peep costume was my 11th hour crafty idea for the boy who wanted to dress up. People loved it!

It was simply my yellow coat, and a cardstock paper mask I cut out ( inspired partially by a pin on pinterest) and painted with acrylic paint. The feathers are just tissue paper and straws.

All the supplies I used were: scissors, card stock, yellow and red paint ( i mixed yellow and red to make orange), embroidery floss for the strings to tie on the mask, straws, yellow tissue paper and scotch tape. I put it together while the family watched Sherlock Homes Movie for family fun night.





Also, I'm pretty proud of sensory boy for handling a mask on his face without much complain and for not destroying my freshly dry-cleaned coat. Thought he did only wear it for less than 15 minutes for the walk in the parade from the town hall to the fair grounds, he did pretty good :)

He did break a button off, but a quick sew job will fix that.

ADD & DeadLines

One of the things about having ADHD is seemingly always rushing for a deadline. But, most ADDers work well on a deadline.

It is true that we almost never start until the deadline is very near, and we hyper focus on the task at hand that is very near due, but that is how an ADHD brain works best.

I'm sure it drives the non ADDers in our lives crazy to have us put everything else on hold to pull it off, i know it drives The Mundane One crazy most of the time, but with a low level of dopamine in the brain being what ADHD is, when a deadline approaches the intensity of urgency raises the adrenalin in our body, thus raising the dopamine, and making us kick into gear and get things done.

This is probably why I always notice what needs to be cleaned in the house when we are getting ready to go out and I'm rushing to get everyone ready and out the door on time!

I wish at times that I could operate better with out the need for deadlines to make my dopamine levels rise to a level of effective action, but truth be told, the creativity that comes in those bursts and how I can usually always pull off what needs to be done by the deadline with that burst of adrenaline and dopamine surge, is one of the things I actually enjoy about having ADHD.

Now, if  I could get my brain to be tricked into thinking the deadlines I set for myself were as important as the external deadlines set for things, i'd be laughing!

Then maybe the dishes that are currently sitting in the sink would be washed already.


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