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ADD Friendly breakfast planning

If you are anything like my ADD daughter and myself, being functional in the morning is at a minimal before the dopamine levels rise in your brain after you wake up, and takes a lot longer to get flowing then a neurotypical's brain does. Aside from being unable to function to actually MAKE breakfast... the thought of even trying to put food in your stomach makes you feel physically sick in the morning and it can be almost lunch time before you feel able to stomach anything.


I have a hard time eating breakfast and often by the time I CAN eat, my ADHD medication has set in and makes me feel unable to eat-A common side effect of ADHD medications.

But, it is scientifically documented that going so long in the day without fuel for your body and brain can make your ADHD symptoms worse. So, it is a fine balancing act to find a way to be awake enough to be able to function to make breakfast while groggy without meds, and to do it before your ADHD meds set in and make you not hungry. I've always found that a fruit smoothie was easy to handle in the morning, but the thought of trying to mix up a smoothie in the morning was too much to handle.

So, last night I had a brilliant idea just come to me for a solution.

I could blend smoothies on Sunday and freeze them in cubes for the mornings! It was a good idea, but then I wondered if there was an easier way than blending, freezing cubes, bagging portions and then blending again every morning.Some may call that lazy thinking, but if you can find a solution in as little steps as possible, that's the more efficient way to do things. As TMO says-Work smarter, not harder, especially since ADDers already have to work harder than most to get half the results.

While brainstorming, I decided to browse Pinterest for smoothies and low and behold someone was bagging frozen fruit mixed in portions to make smoothies. But I decided I could take it one step further. So, today I got all the ingredients out and laid them out in an assembly line and zip lock bagged them all for a smoothie for 7 days.

In each bag I put a packet of stevia, a cup of ice, a half a banana sliced, 2 or 3 whole strawberries, and a 1/8 th of a cup of blueberries, and then filled the bag with milk to cover the mixture.i don't fill the bag with milk anymore as it makes a smootie better if you add the milk to the blender unfrozen


I just put them all in the freezer in an old kentucky fried chicken bucket to keep them from spilling before they freeze and voila!

Portioned smoothie mixed for the mornings. take a bag out of the freezer in the morning, throw it in the blender with some milk. add a cup of yougrt if you like. Zip, Pour, done! If you want it for a afternoon real fruit sorbet snack, keep the baggie frozen and blend it and enjoy it with a spoon!

The best part is, I found a way to use up some discount bananas that were only slightly bruised and soft, that I bought yesterday for .99 cents...but surely would not last the week to eat fresh.

I mixed some up for the kids too, so I'm hoping now I won't awake to my  7 yo sensory boy trying to make his own smoothie in a cup with a fork, with spilled milk, sugar and blueberries all over the floor! Perhaps I'll save myself some cleaning time with this plan!

Do you have an ADD friendly morning food idea? Share it with me and my readers in the comment section, and if you try the smoothie plan, let me know how it goes. Tweaking a good idea to make it MORE ADHD friendly always makes me happy.

Here's hoping it will be week of smooth mornings!


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