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Superhero shoppers


i’m putting this right here, cause it makes me smile.

i’ve posted it elsewhere before. but it makes me smile every time I see it.

I’m going through pics of the year….to make a video montage for my family far away.

people say, scientifically, that the heart doesn’t exist, the one you love with… that it is our brain that allows us to feel how we feel emotionally about people.…but I beg to differ.

these two right here are my heart walking around in the world. they are very real.

this pic happened, cause when my heart asks to dress up as super heros to go shopping in the city on a dreary day. I say yes! cause… why not! it’s fun!

The other kids in the store with their mothers thought it was fun too and I heard over and over as they walked past us... "how come YOU don't let us do that mom!?"


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