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Sensory Boy’s Kryptonite is Crumply Clothes

My sensory son is 7 years old. Since he was a little baby he hated seams in his socks, and he would rip off his cloth diaper as soon as he was able to. he hates underwear, and socks still to this day, and even his sheets get all "crumply" and bug him so he cannot fall alseep. He prefers a blanket he calls his "soft" rather than a blanket over a sheet, he gets tangled up in them, and he would rather sleep on the hard carpeted floor than a mattress since the carpet cannot get crumply.

SensoryBoy at a Halloween party at the library on Saturday, dressed as a zombie. Note soft pants, and loose shirt.

He has issues with clothes on his skin from day one. He loved to be swaddled, and slung and cuddled tight. I remember once he was about 4 months old and he cried and cried and I could not find what was wrong, I could tell it was a frustrated cry. Finally in desperation I stripped him naked, and checked all his clothes for a splinter, and once I got his footie sleeper off, he just stopped. there was a thread in the seam of his foot of his sleepers that was rubbing his toes and driving him crazy. I often wonder if colic babies turn out to be sensory kids.

Now, he very much prefers long sleeves and pants over him, of a soft material. Even in the summer time. In fact, this summer we had an issue of mild heat stroke because he refused to change from a sweater and jeans, and it was the switch over from spring to summer and one of our first really hot days and he had been out playing in the yard chasing the dog and jumping on the trampoline, and not drinking enough water.

So, true to his sensitive fashions.... he has recently decided he REALLY likes hoodies and he really really likes "Arrow" a new show on the CW.  So, he decided he wants to be Green Arrow for Halloween.

I went out last week and picked up a man's winter jacket in hunter green, and a polar fleece hunter green sweater at a Goodwill store to sew him a costume for Halloween and he used his own allowance to buy a dollar store bow and arrow. the cod piece and legs were a bugger to get done in a way that would not bother his legs and have him tugging at his outfit all Halloween while he trick or treats.

Tomorrow I'll grab some good pictures of his costume to share.

I'm just sitting here putting the last feathers in his fake arrows for his quiver.

Do you have a sensory child? What is his or her quirks?

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