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Fun at the fall fair


On Saturday in the fair parade, the theme was “literacy and your library”. I was a Writer’s fairy godmother, that solves writer’s block….in a paper dress I made from a 1959 oxford dictionary. the whole thing was paper, and staples, and stickers, and tape. it took me about 8 to 9 hours to make.

my son was a Kindle with a passage from Mark Twains ‘Tom Saywer” and my daughter was a bookmark with a Dr Suess quote that said ” be awesome, be a book nut!”.
We had a great day!the dress was a people’s choice for favourite, and I got an ovation from a group of 30 or 40 people along the parade route in one area. many thumbs up, and bravo’s from the crowd. I thought it would be fun and a costume that people would enjoy, but I had no idea it would be such a major crowd pleaser!
I wore it from 11am to 3 pm. I walked the parade, and then I walked about the fairgrounds all afternoon. I took pictures with little girls who thought I was a princess. and I granted as a fairy godmother - many children the destiny of being a famous best selling author. Teenagers stopped and asked how the dress was made and thought it was “sick”,”cool”, “amazing” “really neat” and “spectacular” but the most used word was “AWESOME!”.

I was complimented over and over by  people, and stopped for many many pictures and talked to over 30 people at length who were wonderfully in awe of the paper dress.
I was asked by the local library if I would enter it into a local art show for a fundraiser event for our library. So now that I am home I am going to have to reinforce it this week, and find a way to mount it on a dress form ( that I’ll have to make) in order to take it to the gallery.
It was a great day! no.. it was an AWESOME day!

an aside…All three of us won prizes for our costumes in our parade category.

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1 Comment on Fun at the fall fair

  1. It was an amazing dress!!!!! Art, literature and style all in one. I’m still tired out from the weekend and I didn’t have any costumes or parade floats to worry about. We all almost slept in again this morning. I hope I will have time to get dressed to take the kids to the bus in the morning. Because this morning I almost flashed the whole school bus – yipes! Teens do not need to see my butt crack at 7:30 in the morning.

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