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I’m a Duck among Geese

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck....chances are it's a duck... Right?

I had my appointment 2 weeks ago with my ADHD  Dr. I Got a refill for my ADHD medications and we talked about my anxiety and “Asperger like” traits. I told her I’m reading aspergirls & that my daughter- who is diagnosed ADHD and PDDNOS ( aspergers)- and I are like cut from the same cloth.

I asked her for her input. She basically said,"If you are- you are... there's no "cure" really, just coping skills... and it sounds like you are doing a good job at learning about what works and what doesn't. Just keeping doing what you are doing."

She is not big on medication for anxiety. Which kinda ticks me off. Half of me wants to do it without any, the other half of me can't handle the crippling social anxiety I have, that causes me to recoil and stop talking to anyone for days/weeks.

I know if I work on it... I'll get there, but I feel like the flailing about in self doubt and anxiety until I slowly get there is the crappier option. Medication has been proven to help while used in combination to learning new coping skills and mindset changes.And, I'm sick of being the flailing duck.

A Duck among Geese

A duck just IS a duck- it doesn’t need to know it’s a duck. Or that other people call them ducks cause they act like ducks.

Geese are geese, and they act like geese. But, ducks and geese are both birds.

So, I'm a duck, who lives among geese

There is no cure for being a duck. And she thinks I do a pretty good job compensating for being a duck…living among geese. They don’t really notice I am a duck.

So...basically I’m a duck. which is not too bad. It just is hard to be expected to act like a goose when I can't. 

I just am a duck trying to decoy myself as a goose for short bursts of time. It's ok, for the most part the geese think I am one of them. But if I act like my duck self too often or for too long... the geese look at me weird, noticing I'm not really a goose, but some other weird bird.

If I tell them I'm a duck... many are asshole geese and go "OHHHHH, you're a DUCK!", like it's a bad word, or I am less of a bird, because I'm a duck not REALLY a goose. I hate that.

Being a duck around asshole geese ducking sucks

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