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this is what I know to be true.

  • change is hard
  • nobody likes change
  • people are creatures of habit
  • No matter what the change in that you NEED, or WANT to do in your life, you will not do it , and it will not stick until you are ready to do so.
  • I mean REALLY REALLY ready to do so.
  • you can try and try and try… but change will not happen….no matter what it is, until the mere fact of NOT changing will hurt you more than the change you know you have to instill ( and have been avoiding) in the first place.
  • when you reach that point, the change is not looked upon as something difficult…
  • it just happens…and it is more welcome, and easy to do, and you’ll think ” I should have done this a lot sooner! what was I waiting for?”
  • you were waiting to be ready….we are all in a state of “getting ready” because life is about changing, nothing ever stays the same.
  • some people around you who do not like the change, do not like it because it makes them feel like they need to also address the things in them that need to change, that your change reminds them of. If it is too much for them to deal with, they will slowly and quietly ( or sometimes harshly and quickly) disappear from your life in the way you are used to them being there.
  • It doesn’t mean your change in yourself was wrong, it just means they were not  able to handle the change, simply because THEY are still in a place where it doesn’t hurt more to stay the same…yet.
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