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multitasking mixup

I had just finished eating a late supper, because I was outside splitting wood all evening, and was planning on taking a phone call from a ADHD online acquaintance and trying to the the kids prepped for bed all at once, and decided to multitask.

So, I was getting my 6yo son, sensoryboy, ready for bed and getting him a melatonin at the same time as getting two caffeine pills for myself, and handing my 11yo  daughter her melatonin.

In my attempt to multitask, I handed her her melatonin, got my caffiene pills, THOUGHT I handed the boy his melatonin, and then popped my caffiene pills and drank them down, while getting a drink for the kids each.

It was only when my son was standing there telling me I didn't give him his melatonin yet that I realized that I took his small white melatonin pill that was under my large pink "wide awakes" and I never even noticed, because I was rushing, and trying to multitask.

the three of us started laughing so hard, we could not tell TMO ( theMundaneOne aka hubby) what I had done, and then just as I gathered myself to tell him while till giggling, my son "herpderped" me.


HAHA it was well deserved.

FYI, melatonin with 200mg of caffiene doesn't really do much of anything.

FYI part duex. don't get on my ass for taking 200 mg of caffiene...it's the equivalent of a large tim horton's coffee...with no sugar, and less crap flavour 😛

never a dull moment around here I tell ya.




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