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Meds are not a cure, but a component to managing ADHD successfully

So,I had my ADHD med dose upped a few weeks ago, and it has really been an amazing difference!!!!!

For people who do not understand the struggles of dealing with forgetfulness, and scatterbrainedness, and being unable to organize your thoughts in a manner that makes getting things done easy, and stay on track, you might not appreciate just how BIG an improvement this is for me.

I have not had guests in our house since last feb when my parents came by on the way driving through to go back home from being with my uncle who died of brain cancer last year. So i have been lax.without the pressure of company coming it is easier to say "i'll do it later" and never get it done.

I am a crappy housekeeper. I am AWESOME in EVERY OTHER WAY in the world, but I have always been a terrible housekeeper. I have a terrible attention span to stay on track with something so boring and mundane as scrubbing floors and vacuuming. Add to that two kids home all day and a disabled husband who never leaves the house except about twice a month, and a doubled list of things to do around here with only me to do them and keeping up is very difficult, especially when my ADHD meds would wear off too soon in the day.

But since my meds increase 3 weeks ago, i have managed to clean the house to a "decent" state to feel ok with allowing my daughter to have a small bday party last friday for her 10th, and the kitchen, and living room and bathroom are decluttered and relatively clean. and now, 5 day later, it is STILL clean. I'm not talking OCD clean standards. but decent. we'll still wanna use plates and the like, no eating off the floors here, but good.

No laundry all over the couch waiting to be folded for days, the dishes are ALL WASHED and PUT AWAY, the floor has been swept, the carpet vacuumed, and just a relative overall less chaotic living space as everything finds it's home and goes there. I've hung curtains and pictures in the house, cleaned the whole hallway upstairs of boxes and boxes of unpacked stuff from our move two years ago, and started on the kid den/homeschooling area, of decluttering that complete mess the kids made in there.

What's changed? I have less anxiety and feeling overwhelmed because the meds help my brain chemistry stay on track. for the first time since before i got pregnant with my son over 6 years ago, i feel like i have the brain I had then, where the ADHD scatterbrain wasn't so bad, that I could keep in check with routines and plans, a brain that didn't get so overwhelmed by trying to make dinner and have people talk to it at the same time. that didn't have so much anxiety from messing up all the time, and have panic attacks, when trying to just get a meal on the table where each component of the meal was all warm and properly cooked at the same time.

I have not had a single panic attack, emotional outburst from feeling overwhelmed in the evening starting supper and evening routines, with this new med dose. before I used to have a panic attack almost every night, get flustered, snap at people, nd end up cranky and grumpy. before my brain would just shut down and i'd be a bumbling idiot trying to not burn dinner and somehow manage to get the kids to bed in a timely fashion.

Medication/drugs is never a cure all, or the only solution, but it is a part of my better managing the debilitating ADHD I have. The meds at a proper level, along with good plans, notes, to do lists and implementing routines that become second nature to my ADHD brain mean less chaos, and a happier family over all...and I feel pretty damn good about that right now...it's been 6 years!

I've been trying routines and plans for 6 years with the wrong dose of meds, and I'd fail every time. people can be as negative as they want about ADHD and medications, but I am living proof, that without the right personalized mix of meds and behaviour modifications, nether the meds will work alone, nor will the behaviour modifications work alone.

I feel like I've been swimming under the surface of the water for 6 years with a rock tied to my foot, and I have been struggling to get to the top for air, and I have finally broke through the surface by breaking the ropes the rock was held on with, and am able to tread water again like I used to,with my head above water and maybe soon as I catch things back up that have fallen so far behind from all the ADHD fog, i'll be able to actually SWIM again, and maybe even WIN the race.

If you have been trying ADHD meds with no success at finding the right combo of brain chemistry alteration and behaviour modification, it might be time to see if a change is necessary. if you've been struggling and are on meds,maybe a coach and some help with implementing routines is needed, or if you've been struggling trying to implement routines, maybe the meds need to be tweaked.

I've fought for 6 years to find the right combination..I've finally found it!!!

You don't need to feel like your drowning anymore, don't give up!

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