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MuffinTin Miracle!

So a few weeks ago I "liked" a page on facebook for "muffin tin meals" when I saw it on a friend's status as it looked kind of fun for the kids, and I wanted some more info.

When I saw what they were doing with "muffin tin mondays" I decided I'd try it with the kids. I have muffin tins I NEVER use ( as you can see by the picture! lol) I liked the idea because it is derived from Bento boxes from Japanese traditions, and as an ADD person I find Asian culture's streamline organized ways to be calming to my mind.

Anyway, in my usual ADD fashion I forgot about it for a week or so, and then in a rush one evening this week past, and from having literally NO clean plates in the house due to our current canoe project taking up a lot of my time, I needed a solution!

Once again a possible ADD disastrous supper due to no clean dishes, and little time to prepare anything decent, I became a Super ADD Mom, and got some major cool mom points for remembering the muffin tin idea.

I dug out some muffin tins and scoured the fridge for leftovers, and made a muffin tin meal for the kids. We had worked late on the canoe and everyone was tired and cranky, so I just threw in some fast bite foods to fill the tummies fast, and cut up their hot dogs in bite size manageable pieces with some raisins for the boy, and hummus for the girl.


HOW SIMPLE an idea, but how BRILLIANT! A mom and former preschool teacher from California came up with muffin tin meals!

Now, the kids are asking for muffin tin meals at every supper, and if I can dish it in a muffin tin, I am!

The smaller sized sandwiches or hotdogs cut make it easier to eat, and they are HAPPY to have them cut for the muffin tin. If I suggested cutting a hot dog served on a plate in half to make it more manageable to hold they'd normally get really upset..possibly even major meltdowns, but in a muffin tin, they are happy to have it cut.

The girl HATES her foods touching each other, so this is PERFECT for her. Potatoes and corn and chicken all separated. Even gravy for dipping. She's not whining about foods touching.

The hyper boy is making less mess and actually SITTING for supper!

In fact he was so excited for "our muffintin meal" for supper the other night he cleaned the WHOLE table off ( it was stacked with crafts, recycle, and the breakfast dishes)....and he worked really hard to wipe the table off! He was so Proud of himself! he said to me " i'm being asponsible aren't I mommy" with a big grin on his face.

Then in the evening after the kids were in bed. TMO and I were cutting beef up and I put the crock pot and slushie maker on the table for counter room, and in the morning the boy said " AWWW man I JUST cleaned this WHOLE table and someone went and messed it ll up!"

I laughed so hard...nice role reversal. I cleared off the table and told them if they like muffin tin meals to keep the table and dining areas clean. Today they kept it clean again, and even put new place mats in place, and made a bouquet of fresh flowers from the garden. :)

So far... this is like a small miracle in my house! We are planning on shopping for some nicer looking colourful muffin tin type trays for the kids soon, or maybe making more traditional bento boxes.

The Mundane One has also said he'd like to eat that way too and spent some time on google looking at bento boxes.

Thanks @muffintinmom !! She and I connected on Twitter last night, and best part of all.... SHE'S a Super ADD Mom too!

Muffin Tin Mom

If you want to check it out, follow @muffintinmom on twitter, or read her blog at www.muffintinmom.com

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1 Comment on MuffinTin Miracle!

  1. I am so glad your kids are enjoying muffin tin meals. I can’t believe they cleaned the table to make room. LOL. your are right, quite the role reversal.

    again, I really enjoyed connecting with you. so great to find you on twitter!

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