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Planning lessens my anxiety

So planning things is helping me not have so much anxiety.

becoming more aware of my high anxiety times is helping me avoid total add/aspie meltdowns.

all my life I've been a sort of "fly by the seat of my pants and see where I land and deal" kind of person.I think one of the reasons I avoided it like the plague is because I fear needing to be very rigid and have strict planning to function. it's almost like dealing with the chaos feeds my ADHD need for stimulation, and my aspie side of me is cringing, and having anxiety the whole time.

So planning things, and using a day planner/to do list has not been natural to me, nor has it it been easy to start as a habit.

I've finally come to some habits that are making things easier for me, though if I get interrupted/sidetracked in my routines, I forget things lose things etc.

Slowly I'm trying to fix the mess I've made of this place since our move and my mental burnout. Your looking at someone who has taken 11 years to remember hubby needs his bread toasted to be able to eat it ( oral sensory issues)

So, I have a day planner I write a week out in, in an overall plan, and then each day of the week after the general plan I write out info that is important as those days come, like who I called, recipes, my master to do list for the week, and next steps in those projects .. really it's just a composition book, with blank pages, so I have no worries of needing to remain neat, or confined to a certain amount of space.  it IS my brain it holds everything.

and I have a calendar I write out meals on for a week or more to have a plan.

On Sundays I plan the weeks meals ( generally, sometimes they change)

This week, my menu plans are

Chicken taco crockpot w/home made Naan bread

Salmon Croquettes w/dill sauce

beef crock pot & gravy w/mashed potato

Veggie Lasagna


Crock Pot Pork with orange and Videlia onions & rosemary rice.

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