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This Collage makes me Cry

This collage makes me cry.

These are pics of my kiddos. This makes me cry, not because they are some of the cutest frackin’ kids you’ve ever seen, but because this collage even exists.

I didn’t make it, and it is not on my wall.

My friend SJSH made this collage of my kids for her wall…from my facebook pics. she had asked me for the better pics of originals to get it done, and waited a long time… and I never got around to it.

She reminded me over and over, but she knows me.

And I know her.. we just connected and have known each other now for 7 years. she was my neighbor when we moved into our building when the girl cub was 2. I baked homemade bread and brought it over, and from there, a friendship budded. establishing and maintaining a friendship has never been so “right”…like puzzle peices, we just fit.

no matter how long we go without talking since I’ve moved an hour and a half away, we fall right back into as if we were right next door. when we lived next door to each other, we’d talk in the phones across the hall. while doing housework, I could hear her defrost her freezer through the door, while we gabbed on the phone.

So…. she got her son to get the pics she wanted and help her put this collage together for her wall.

I LOVE that and it makes me cry, because she loves my kids, and thinks they are so smart and beautiful and she has the biggest heart! The Cubs love her, and not a day goes by that they don’t talk about her :)

I’ve said it here before, she was at the boy cubs birth for the three whole days, she helped us move ( move from hell) and she is always a phone call away for a laugh or a .cry, or gossip.. we never fall short of things to talk about.

In short…I love this woman, and her family. they are awesome people, and I’m glad they are our friends. Family is not the people you are born to, or give birth to, or are stuck with at easter dinner out of obligation… family is there through thick and thin, and laugh and cry with you, share your joys and your sorrows with you.

I’m glad I have SJSH as part of my family… she’s the best kind :)

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