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COOL mom points

So yeah.. I’m watching Big Bang Theory with the hubby the other night and sheldon talks about spaghetti with hotdogs in it, and I think “OMFG no, people don’t really do that do they!?”

But given I know people who think a real nice spaghetti dinner is pasta boiled and thrown into a can of Tomato soup! GAG

So I did what any normal sane person would do, I googled it.

And when i searched the pictures results…which is how I decide what result page I go to first for every search I’m doing-this little concoction for kids came up when I looked for  Spaghetti with cut up hot dogs.

So I decided to call them spider dogs with just 4 pieces of noodle. I made them for a surprise for the kids for lunch yesterday, and then tonight when we got home from the girls swim glass, and needed supper fast, they again asked for spider dogs.

Easiest Cool mom points EVAR.

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