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Children are like a flower garden

(click the picture to enlarge it so you can read the easel)

On the side of our house that people see most when walking past on the small piece ( and only sidewalk) in our little hamlet, there is a “flower bed” that was there when we moved in. it had nothing but dirt and some crappy low weedy plants in it. It was more of a dumping ground.

The Girl cub claimed it as her flower bed, and this year she sprinkled wild flower mix in there, a few misc bulbs from other places in the yard we removed them from.

Late last fall I tore up a peonie bush that was poorly placed on the other side of the house under the bathroom window and just tossed it in there…it was cold, and I said. “well I guess it’ll take or it won’t, let just see.”

Well it rooted, and it’s growing and soon there will be peonies there. which she is delighted by.

I’ve noticed that the walls don’t contain the lily of the valley she transplanted in it, and the clover grass is growing through the holes in the walls of the wood. To keep the wood edging clear, when I walk by I pick out the grass growth. But I smile when I walk by that side to cut the grass, because it was nothing before, and it’s growing into a little while and crazy, beautiful bed of flowers that she loves and waters diligently ( too much).

So the saying on the sign just came to me this afternoon, so I grabbed some chalk and wrote it down on her easle and stuck it in her garden.

For those of you who don’t know I started a “blackboard blessings” last year in my front window, to thank a neighbour for the mystery gift that was left at my door, and now I make new signs on a rotating semi regular basis of quotes or what I’m thinking, or what I feel blessed by.

So this is the sign out side in that flower bed. I’m going to make a “permanent blackboard” for that flower bed with the sign, because since it spilled rain while I was out this evening , the writing it gone now of the easel

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  1. that is beautiful, what a great message :)

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