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ADHD Protip

Uggg. I can't find the arm pit spray! Because I have to attend the gym and swim program with the boy, I put my personal hygeine products in a travel bag to take back and forth with me, and now I've lost my underarm deoderant! I have b ack ups, but I didn't want to smell like Vanilla today, I wanted to smell like Cucumbers.

Make sure you buy double,"travel" items, and leave your home stuff home.

also, when you are trying to establish a new "home" for things so you never lose them...maybe write down on a card for the fridge where you made the new home cause last night I searched for my day planner for an hour.

I finally remembered I had put in in my nap sack in one of my "i'm gonna get all organized moments", and promptly forgot it was there. Where I intended it to always be, but have not put it there in over a year.

IT took me over 3 years to establish a "hang your keys up right away when you walk in the door" routine.. and some days I still don't because i have to run in fast to pee...and on top of that, the kids like to steal my keys to open the workshop, or turn on the radio in the van when they are waiting for me.

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