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May 2010


Dyslexia...is not just seeing or writing backwards letters. ( in fact I don't do that) i mix up numbers in a price, or phone number....and back talkwards, confuse left and [...]

COOL mom points

So yeah.. I’m watching Big Bang Theory with the hubby the other night and sheldon talks about spaghetti with hotdogs in it, and I think “OMFG no, people don’t really do [...]

Love Notes

I let the kids write on the front of the dishwasher with white board dry erase markers. This is the most recent note my 9 yo daughter left me ( i played with it in irfanview, [...]

Children are like a flower garden

(click the picture to enlarge it so you can read the easel) On the side of our house that people see most when walking past on the small piece ( and only sidewalk) in our [...]

ADHD Protip

Uggg. I can't find the arm pit spray! Because I have to attend the gym and swim program with the boy, I put my personal hygeine products in a travel bag to take back and [...]