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Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

Source: http://blog.naturalstandard.com/natural_standard_blog/2010/04/behavioral-therapy-for-adhd.html

New Evidence suggests that a type of behavioral therapy that teaches time management and organizational skills, may be beneficial in adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

In the study, 88 adults with ADHD were randomly assigned to undergo small group sessions of metacognitive therapy or supportive therapy once weekly for 12 weeks. Each session lasted two hours.

The metacognitive therapy group was designed to help the patients think of new ways to accomplish daily tasks, such as improving time management and organizational skills. They were also assigned exercises to perform at home. The control group received general support, but time management, organization and planning strategies were not discussed.

Before and after the study, an independent clinician assessed the participants' symptoms using a standardized questionnaire.

The authors found that people in the metacognitive therapy group reported significantly greater improvements in inattention symptoms compared to the control group. Fifty-three percent of people in the metacognitive therapy group responded to treatment compared to 28 percent in the control group.

Although the results are promising, additional research is needed.

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