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April 2010

Rewards ‘work like drugs’ in ADHD

SOURCE LINK: http://www.publicnewsarchive.com/rewards-work-like-drugs-in-adhd/ The brains of children with attention-deficit disorders respond to on-the-spot rewards in the [...]

So tired of the Stigma

The stigma of living with ADHD is pretty negative at times. The negative impact it has on our day to day lives, and the people we live with can get pretty stressful. So [...]

Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

Source: http://blog.naturalstandard.com/natural_standard_blog/2010/04/behavioral-therapy-for-adhd.html New Evidence suggests that a type of behavioral therapy that teaches [...]

Square Peg in a Round Hole

The Square peg in a round Hole. This is about being happy...and choosing to not be depressed..or rather when people tell you to chose happiness. If you have not lived as, or [...]