Letting go of Stuff

These posters were used in a parade we were in in 2009! I hauled them out of the closet under the stairs today.

Granted they have only been in the closet since 2011 because I used to have them displayed in our front windows for the summer tourists to see. I got many positive comments on them. But, they have been in the closet for almost 4 years now since I replaced them with a real chalkboard I could switch up the quotes on.

I dug out the closet today to lay under padding and carpet down to cut back on the drafts seeping in during the rest of our cold winter.  A more proper job of insulation and sub floor will be required later this year in the spring or summer but since I was emptying the closet to lay carpet it was a good time to deCRAPify that closet. (ADD CRAP stands for the Can’t Really Achieve Peace clutter we keep)

I had an actual moment of trying to figure out what to do with them because my clutterbrain didn’t want to just get rid of them.

Such is the mind of an ADDer. “Hmmmm I might use these again” or  we think we can’t get rid of it because it serves as a prompt for a good memory. OR….we get overwhelmed at the steps getting rid of something will take when it is just easier to stuff it back in the closet and forget about it again.

That can make for a very cluttered house hanging onto everything for fear of getting rid of stuff.

So, I had to really think logically about it. They are not creating good memories in the closet. They were dusty and smelled like old cardboard. I have pictures of us in the parade with the signs, too. So, really? Do I need these dusty cardboard signs anymore?

Nope! I don’t.

So, I used them to restart the fire in the woodstove that i let die out while i was deep in the closet laying carpet. Gone!

And I’m good with that. :)

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Happy New Year…kind of

Happy new year! Well. Happy Jan 26th at least!

While everyone else is already 26 days into the new year and the freshness of a new year has worn off and resolutions have been well established or likely fallen by the way side-I feel like this is the beginning of the year for me!

On new year’s eve I felt a tickle in my throat and knew yet another cold was setting in.

And set in it did! To spite my best efforts to get over it fast,thinking id lose a few days max…. getting a sticky chest infection and a headcold at the dame same time really knocked me on my ass let me tell you!

I’ll spare you the gross bodily fluid details but 20 days of being mostly in bed down for the count is
1. Really a drag and….
2. Makes for a VERY MESSY house!

So, here I am today starting over…rebooting my routine  and trying to catch up with 3 weeks of dishes and laundry not done on a regular basis. (Never mind what the rest of the house looks like! )

At one point every dish was used up and I was washing forks and plates per meal to feed everyone and making a lot of hand heald meals like sandwiches.

My Hubby, TMO has been most forgiving thru this bout of sick and not complained when I gave him lunch more than once on a tupperware lid rather than a plate :)

So. Here I am. Launching my new year in a sort of “catch up” mode.

Today I concentrated on getting all the dishes done and working on getting the kitchen back to some sort of functional level.

I’ve already done 2 dishwasher loads, cooked a real meal for the first time in weeks and have at least another 2 loads to go and all the pots and pans and large platers to wash by hand. I might not get it all in today. It really is a LOT to undo.


My Kitchen Area in the middle of the sick from hell and what i looked like this morning

Leaving the kids to their own devices to make breakfast and most lunches for two weeks really did a number on my kitchen!

So, to catch up I’m reading my own Dishes routine for ADDing Routine to stay on track and getting started.

And, while my usual laundry day has passed for the week, I am gathering enough socks and underwear for everyone for the week and doing a load tonight to get  us through the dentist appointments, grocery trips and planning for attending the Village winter Carnival on Saturday this week. (my usual laundry day)

While I could sit here and feel overwhelmed by everything that needs doing and feeling bad for being so far behind….I’m trying to focus on just 2 small things that will help make things easier on us for the week and get me back to a routine.  I can’t undo the mess and I can’t go back. So I’m looking forward.

My goal for today was get all the dishes clean and have clean clothes for the next 6 days.

I’m almost there. :) almost.

Progress not perfection! I’ll take it.

Have a great week everybody!


Changing Servers

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ADDing Routine-Step 1

Get a Calendar


It doesn’t have to be perfect, just any calendar for now with boxes to write stuff in each day will work. You know the one your insurance company gave you over the holidays that you threw in the mail junk pile? That one will work!

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The ADDing Routine Program

ADDing Routine Program is easy and simple.

Designed by SuperADDmom, a person ACTUALLY with ADHD, the Program is for people who cannot mentally or physically handle more then 7 to 10 minutes of housework at a time.


ADDing Routine is an organizational program designed to help the worst clutterbugs get rid of their clutter and keep the house in relative order, and help you manage the daily events going on in your lives!

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