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The website is going through some changes of server host over tge next few weeks, so posts will be next to null while this goes on. Please bear with me!

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ADDing Routine-Step 1

Get a Calendar


It doesn’t have to be perfect, just any calendar for now with boxes to write stuff in each day will work. You know the one your insurance company gave you over the holidays that you threw in the mail junk pile? That one will work!

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The ADDing Routine Program

ADDing Routine Program is easy and simple.

Designed by SuperADDmom, a person ACTUALLY with ADHD, the Program is for people who cannot mentally or physically handle more then 7 to 10 minutes of housework at a time.


ADDing Routine is an organizational program designed to help the worst clutterbugs get rid of their clutter and keep the house in relative order, and help you manage the daily events going on in your lives!

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Change Is Necessary & Good

For the last 10 years my blog has been mostly about being a mom with adhd and raising two kids with adhd and other neurodiverities .

But, now that my oldest is almost 14, it’s hard to talk about the mom stuff and keep her privacy, which she deserves out of respect. So, due to this I had stopped blogging as much about those things.
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As for many with ADHD, it is not the only  neurobiological issue I deal with.

I am dyslexic. If you saw some of my posts pre spell and grammar check…I’m not sure they’d be readable.

The thing is….reading and writing is not my biggest issues when it comes to dyslexia.

Some people think of dyslexia as a learning issue that only involves reading. But dyslexia can make a number of daily living tasks difficult.

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